Additional services

In addition to arranging an internship at a certified training company, we also offer other additional services. Because we also did our internship in Malta, we know exactly what and what not to do. With our experience, we would like to help all students with an unforgettable internship in Malta. 

Finding accommodation

We help you with finding accommodation via a Dutch estate agent in Malta. He is working together with several house owners who have different types of houses. This makes it possible to rent a room for yourself or an entire apartment with your friends. 


Transportation tips

There are several ways to travel to your internship. We always try to find accommodation near to your internship, so you can easily walk to the company. Other possible ways are with a bicycle or with the bus. Together we will look for the possible best option. 


Tips for airline tickets

Because we already helped a lot of students and travel to Malta ourselves as well, we know how to get the cheapest airline tickets. Therefore, we can also provide you with the best tips to get cheap tickets. 


Job application feedback and preparation

We give feedback on your CV, so you get a higher chance to be hired as an intern. Besides, we arrange all the paperwork and help you with the preparation of the application process.


WhatsApp service

If you are interested in an internship in Malta, have any questions when you are already in Malta or need some help, we will be available 24/7 via WhatsApp to answer all your questions.


Stories from former interns

Our former interns all had a great time in Malta. They shared their experiences on the references page. Would you like to know more about their stories, or do you still have any questions before you apply? Just send us a message via WhatsApp. experiences of former internship champions in Malta. 


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