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We put all frequently asked questions of students hereunder. Does this list not imply your question, or do you have some other inquiries? Maybe you can find your answer in one of our popular blogs. If not, please let us know!

An internship abroad gives many advantages:
- It gives a boost on your CV
- You become more self-employed
- You will improve your language skills
- You meet new friends
- You can expand your business network

But Malta has many more things to offer; The sun is always shining, the people are very friendly, the inhabitants speak English, there is a relaxed atmosphere, the nightlife is great, a lot of activities and events are being organised during the year, etc. 

In other words, there are too many advantages to count when you are planning to do an internship in Malta. 

An internship intermediary arranges everything for you. Hereby you can think of arranging an internship, accommodation, airline tickets and all the paperwork. This way, nothing can go wrong during the internship and students will not face any unexpected costs. Stagekampioen Malta is the number one provider of internships in Malta under European students. 

If you would like to do your internship in Malta together with your classmate or your friend, we can arrange it for you as well. We can arrange an apartment for you and your friend(s) and most of the time even the same internship placement.  

Stagekampioen has a collaboration with most companies in Malta. Because of this, there is always an internship which will suit you. Stagekampioen also has years of experience and already helped over 100 students with an internship on this beautiful island. All those students had a great time in Malta. They did not have to arrange anything, got a lot of tips from us and they could always ask us anything. Read the experiences of our students here. 

Almost all companies are looking for interns from 3 months or more. An internship of a shorter time is possible at a few companies, but we discourage this because you need time to get used to the company and tasks. 

This depends on the kind of CV students send. After students send their CV, we will do an entire CV check and we give them tips to make it look more professional. 

When the student adjusts his/her CV we will send it to a few potential companies. Thereafter, we have to wait for the response of the company. The experience is that this takes the most time, but that differs per company. 

On average, it takes two to three weeks before we arranged your internship. If you agree, we will then find accommodation and arrange other additional services for you. 

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