About Malta

Why Malta?

Malta is a popular island among European students to do an internship. With the result that you will get a great internship period with a lot of national and international friends.

However, there are way more reasons why you should do your internship in this beautiful country. That is why we summed up all the advantages during an internship in Malta for you hereunder!

Improve your English

Malta is the best country in Europe to do an internship when you would like to go abroad to improve your English. The residents of Malta speak Maltese and English, but the main language on the work floor is always in English. 

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Enjoy the weather

Malta has a Mediterranean climate what leads to pleasant temperatures. Are you done with the bad weather in your country? Or would you just like to jump into the sea after a long day of your internship? Then Malta is the perfect choice.


Great activities

There is enough to explore besides your internship in Malta. The tourism industry is the biggest source of income for the Maltese, what ensures that there is always something to do during your free time. Are you curious about the best sights or the coolest parties? We can tell you everything about it.

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Stay in Europe

Would you like to do your internship abroad and still have the possibility to go home easily when there is a wedding or another family event at home where you need to be? Then Malta it is, because it is a very accessible European country. 


Save your money

Malta is a relatively cheap option to do your internship compared to other European countries. The traffic costs, groceries, drinks and all the activities on the island are generally affordable for students. Besides, a lot of countries are offering a kind of scholarship when students want to do their internship abroad and some Maltese companies even offer students a compensation.  

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Do not get lost

Malta is not that big. To give you an indication; the island has fewer than 500.000 inhabitants, which is less than the number of inhabitants from some capital cities in Europe. Because of this, you do not have to travel that long to your work, and another advantage is that the shops, bars and restaurants are always nearby.

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