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Jarno likes to discover new countries. That is the reason why he chose to do his internship in Malta in 2017. He chose Malta because he wanted to improve his English, discover a new culture and to enjoy the nice weather. Jarno arranged his internship all by himself, but unfortunately, many things did not go as planned. Of course, you do not want that! Afterwards, he would rather have his internship arranged via an internship intermediary, so many things could have been prevented. Because of his experience, he learned from his mistakes and knows the Maltese market from inside out now. That is why he is very motivated to help you with an internship in Malta!


Max did his final internship in Malta. But he ran into several organizational problems during his internship that could have been prevented. This way, the idea of Stagekampioen Malta was born. His motivation for setting up Stagekampioen Malta was to give everyone the chance to learn and live a comfortable life during their internship. All companies need to offer a learn full and delicate environment so students enjoy their internship and also learn something great. Besides, he also wants to guide students during their internship abroad by always being available for them.


Why we want to help you

We both did our internship in Malta in 2017. We did our marketing internship in the same hotel where we met each other. We have used our time on the island to discover the island, do great things with our friends we met over there and learn something at the internship company. Because we experienced everything ourselves, we can help you with finding the best internship and try to give you the best possible time!

At the time, Max arranged his internship at an internship intermediary, but they did not arrange everything the right way and there was no good communication. There were a lot of things he would have arranged differently with regard to communication, his accommodation and support during his internship. At our internship, we talked about our experiences and we wanted to make it better, with more attention for the student.

On the other hand, Jarno arranged his internship and accommodation himself. His internship was quite good, but the accommodation was horrible. The house was not clean and he had to pay way to much for what he got. It is not easy to find a good apartment without any help. Students can face unexpected costs without an internship mediator.

Because of our own experiences we are very motivated to arrange your internship as good as possible. This way, we would like to make your time in Malta as educational and especially fun as possible.


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