This is how much life costs in Malta!

Internship costs Malta

Malta is not only a very beautiful and safe country to do your internship. The living costs in Malta are also lower than in most European countries. This makes Malta the best country to do an internship in for European students. Because of this there a lot of students from countries like the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany who are doing their internship over here each year.

To give you a kind of indication about the costs of an internship in Malta we have gathered some of the most important expenses for you:

1. Accommodation

The accommodation price depends on several things, namely: the length of the time you rent it, with how many people you are going to rent it and how far in advance you are going to arrange it. The most important factor is the longer you rent an apartment, the lower the price gets. An average room in Malta costs around €500, - a month.

2. Airline tickets

The cheapest way to fly from the Netherlands to Malta is with Ryanair. This is a low budget airline which offers great prices to reach your destination. Flying with Ryanair to Malta is probably also an option from the country you live in. If not, we will be looking for the best airline tickets together.

3. Transport in Malta

If your internship is not in walking distance from your apartment you can choose for a Tallinja bus card of Malta Public Transport or a cycling subscription of Nextbike Malta. A Tallinja card costs €21,- a month or €55,- for 3 months and you can get it via the following link:

If you like to cycle and do not live too far away from your internship, you can also choose for a membership at Nextbike. A cycling membership from Nextbike Malta costs €25,- a month or €35,- for 3 months.

4. Living expenses

Following to a Dutch research bureau named Nibud, students spend around €180,- a month on groceries and €146,- a month on leisure expenses such as restaurants, parties, and hobbies. 

We cannot give a clear indication for the living expenses, because it depends on your spending patterns, if you get lunch at work or you have to buy it yourself, and if you cook everyday or order something.

5. Insurances

Insurances are very important when doing an internship abroad. Most of the insurance agencies in Europe cover your health and liability insurances within the continent. But please always check this with your agency.


*All the above costs only give an indication of the expenses for an internship abroad. The expenses can differ per person.

6. Advantages

Of course, there are not only costs involved when doing an internship abroad. There are also a lot of advantages. An internship abroad gives you the chance to meet new (international) friends, learn another culture and improve your English, which makes it attractive for your future career. 

Besides, there are also scholarships and other kinds of compensation available when you are a European student. Check out this information in the following blog: Internship compensation


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